Sarah Howls

About Sarah Howls

Sarah Howls is Head of Student Opportunity at HEFCE.

High level skills: High quality education

, Head of Student Opportunity at HEFCE | 26 October 2015

There has been significant interest in recent years in how higher education (HE) supports local communities and meets local needs for skills and training. The devolution agenda has further increased this interest. Universities, further education (FE) colleges and others delivering higher education have key roles to play in supporting their local regions.

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Social mobility: is it all about room at the top?

, Head of Student Opportunity at HEFCE | 22 October 2014

On Monday this week, the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission published its second state of the nation report, ‘Social Mobility and Child Poverty in Great Britain’. Chapter 6 was of particular interest to me since it focuses on the role of higher education (HE). Therefore, my comments here are based on Chapter 6 rather than a detailed […]

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