Steven Hill

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Steven is Head of Research Policy at HEFCE

The metrics dilemma

, Head of Research Policy | 08 July 2015

The review of metrics enjoins universities not to drift with the ‘metric tide’. To do so requires a united front of strategic leadership across the sector.

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The MENA University Summit

, Head of Research Policy | 02 March 2015

The title of oldest university in the world is a contested one, but both the Guinness Book of Records and UNESCO agree that the title goes to the University of al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco, which was founded in 859, some two centuries before the foundation of the University of Bologna. With this, and other ancient seats […]

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Time for REFlection

, Head of Research Policy | 12 December 2014

Next week the wait will be over, the results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) will be released to the world. In the run up to the big announcement it isn’t surprising that there is plenty of commentary about the REF, its perceived strengths and weaknesses, its costs and benefits, the funding outcomes, and of […]

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